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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Fri Jul 17, 2015 1:35 am


1. Spamming
Spamming links, unwanted post, or anything is never allowed. If you need to make a post and forgot to include what you needed don't make a new post or keep replying! Edit the post/reply instead of spamming other post for post count.

- 1st offense Will be a warning
- 2nd offense Will be a 24 hour posting privileges removed
- 3rd offense Will be a MONTH of posting privileges removed
- 4th offense Will be a forum ban

*Offense  system will vary of severity

2. Flaming
Flaming is using hateful words towards others please keep it at minimum. Respect all members and try to make this as friendly community as possible! We do not wish to see mean or hateful comments on other members post, debated or disagreeing is totally different!

See Spamming's offense system they are the same

3. Grave Digging
Grave Digging is replying on an old post, if a post is like a month old and inactive you do not need to reply to it. People grave dig for post count mainly, and is not necessary, very few acceptation to this rule.

*Offense system same as Spamming

4. Racism/Offensive post
Racism is never allowed everyone is human no need to discriminate! Racism is makes jokes, fun, or offending any race. Comes in forms such a replying, meme's, and post these are mean and hateful. Offensive post is mature post such as pictures for 18+ people so don't do it, or racist post this is a serious thing!

Offense system
- 1st Offense 24 hour mute with a warning
- 2nd Offense Temporary ban *Time will vary
- 3rd Offense Permanent ban

5. Attachments
Any attachment provided must be a safe download or view able content. If it is a mature picture or a virus it will be taken down and you will be permanently banned from using links or attachments!

Offense System
1st Offense Will be the removal of use for attachments and links

6. Trading
We do not wish for people using real money trading. We allow In-game steam trading but not real life money, we do not want to risk scamming. If it is a must contact a trusted admin to be a middle man of the trade.

Offense System
- 1st Offense Warning
- 2nd Offense 24 hour privilege from using the trading section
- 3rd Offense Permanent ban from trading section
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Forum Rules
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