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 Donation information

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PostSubject: Donation information   Fri Jul 17, 2015 7:02 am

If you are reading this you might be interested in donating, correct? If so this post is for YOU!

Donating to this server is not because we want money, it's because it supports us on the payment towards better quality, such as server uptime and an upgrade to the forums. Not only will you receive a rank for donating you get of course forum, and in-game perks! These perks are balanced and will not cause unfair gameplay, so no worries. Also if you donate there will be a special section for donators on the forum, wonderful right! We are not a profit community and will not use the money for personal use all the donations will be focused on using for upgrading and improving the quality of your gaming experience! Consider it if you decide to you may contact me via:
PM me on here

Thanks for your support,
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Donation information
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